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N.C.P. Olfactives


Founded by friends brought together by their passion to make a difference, big thinking and an overwhelming need to roll outside the box.

It’s a carefully drafted concept based on modern consumer demand in an increasing trend of easy and intuitive personalization / self-branding.


friends brought together by their passion to make a difference

Hollywood actress and Fashion Muse Noomi Rapace. With an eye for quality and design which is unique. Steve Terry has a unique mix of creative vs commercial, his in-depth knowledge, with an eye for concept development and love of the beauty business. Jonas Nilsson a professional athlete that turned serial entrepreneur creating a tourist center, moving on to street fashion, fastening technology, pharmaceuticals, personal care and beauty. Ash Pournouri a leader in the boundary-free global music business of the 21st century.

 N.C.P. Concept AB is a Swedish based company


In order to ensure sophisticated individual fragrances whilst maintaining the perfect environment for fragrance layering we needed to work with the best Perfumers in the world so we went to Paris to collaborate with the world’s leading perfume house Givaudan.

N.C.P. Olfactives are carefully developed in collaboration with Yann Vasnier. His incredible ability to formulate sophisticated and elegant fragrances has earned him a respected name in the industry, after the creation of several bestselling fragrance classics in recent years.

Traditionally a fragrance formula can include a very large number of ingredients making them hard to layer. N.C.P. Olfactive fragrances are created using much fewer ingredients in order to create the best conditions for all fragrances to be layered whilst care is taken to maintain complexity and depth to each individual fragrance.


Unique Selling Points

  • Best conditions for LAYERING
  • All of them are Unisex
  • All of them are Vegan
  • All parfume oils from Givaudan
  • All Olfactive factes (EDP) are manufactured in Sweden
  • No unnecessary additives
  • No phatlates

What ARE OLFACTIVE Families?

To help us understand perfume and facilitate functioning within this capturing field, scents have been classified into several families, which function as a guide to deciphering a perfume composition. The adjective “olfactive” comes from the root word “olfactory”, which simply relates to the sense of smell.


Layering is a technique that consists of combining several perfumes at the same time.

Layering fragrances might sound complicated but is simple. Layering allows you to find your signature scent – whether for a special day, occasion or for the season.

When worn alone a fragrance can be woody, fresh, crisp, deep, warm or floral. when layered, it can transform into a totally new experience.

Create a scent that is uniquely you.

Layering keeps things personal and in the now.

Layering Technique

Layer your scents on the same area:


Simply spray one, then spray another without waiting for the first to dry, and gently blend by pressing your wrists together.

Neck or decolletage:

Spray one then the other without waiting for the first to dry.

It´s recommended that beginners should focus on wearing two or three scents at once.


If you like deeper fragrances, pair with a sparkling floral or a citrus to lighten and brighten.

Fresh top note with heavier back notes. Increase the richness of a fragrance by layering a scent that is more background heavy (i.e. vanilla, woods, musks) and create a lighter rendition by layering fresh or fruity notes on top.

It´s all up to YOU.

Different WAYS of USING  Layering

  • A perfect way to use layering technique is to find out your favourite signature. Spray 2-3 times with your signature scent first and add an other/others on top.
  • Use a deeper scent from the woody or oriental family first and after that add one scent from a more lighter fragrance family on top.
  • Have look into the different notes of the perfumes same notes in different perfumes can intensify each other.
  • Try and tell. Try together with friends, have fun and inspire each other of new combinations.
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