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N.C.P. Concept

maintaining the perfect environment 
for fragrance layering
All of our perfumes are carefully formulated in Paris in order to ensure sophisticated individual and stand-alone fragrances whilst maintaining the perfect environment for fragrance layering. We achieve this by keeping our ingredients lists short. They are selected from all olfactive groups to cover the whole spectrum of scents.

N.C.P. Concept


Layering allows you to find your signature scent – whether for a special day, occasion or for the season, it is one that is uniquely you.

All of our fragrances can be found in 50 ml eau de perfume, 10 ml eau de perfume and 5 ml roll on ampule.


Our Seven Facets are designed to offer the user the ultimate collection for N.C.P. fragrance layering. Containing our seven launch fragrances, covering all of the olfactive families, each facet can be used alone or freely layered together to create your own signature fragrance.


Our black collection finds itself in the realm of deeper more complex fragrance families. N.C.P. Black offers a deeper and darker layer to our original Seven Facets. Still perfect stand alone or layered and of course 100% unisex.


N.C.P. Gold finds its heart in the Orient. Paying homage to the ancient and rare oud wood, our gold collection offers mystery, complexity and smooth luxury to any perfume collection. Perfectly balanced to stand alone or to layer and as always uniquely unisex.


The adjective “olfactive” comes from the root word “olfactory”, which simply relates to the sense of smell. Considering perfumes ability to mimic or even create a particular scent, this word became strongly associated with perfumery.
To help us understand perfume and facilitate functioning within this capturing field, scents have been classified into several families, which function as a guide to deciphering a perfume composition.
With a plethora of about 1500 raw materials, perfumery might seem a dense environment to navigate but if you know the categories of olfactive families, you will feel at ease when discussing various perfumes from around the world or when composing your own scent!
The key thing to know is that the various fragrance families fall into simple categories of feminine, masculine or neutral scents. After that, scents are grouped into seven olfactive families based on their origin.
What is perfume layering?
Layering allows you to find your signature scent.
Originally developed in the Middle East, fragrance layering is a technique that consists of combining several perfumes at the same time. The goal is to create your own personal scent.
Why fragrance layer?
Layering allows you to create your own signature scent, whether for a special occasion, your mood or to edit your favourite fragrance to suit a new season. Layering allows to find the scent which is uniquely you
Layering fragrances may sound complicated, but it is simple. It is all about balance and personal preference.
How do you layer perfume?
Layer your scents on the same area, like your wrist, without waiting for the first to dry. Simply spray one, then spray another, and gently blend by pressing your wrists together. Beginners should focus on wearing two or three scents at once — at least until they get the hang of it — and always give your mixture a non-skin try first.
What scents go well together?
Imagine yin and yang. It is all about balance. If you like deeper fragrances, pair with a sparkling floral or a citrus to lighten and brighten. Pair a bright fresh top note with heavier back notes or increase the richness of a fragrance by layering a scent that is more background heavy (i.e. vanilla, woods, musk’s) and create a lighter rendition by layering fresh or fruity notes on top.
What scents should you avoid mixing?
At N.C.P. we have been careful to create complex fragrances with short ingredient lists. This enables the fragrances to be readily layered without causing the mixes to become muddy or overwhelming.
We recommend that you test your way forward, there is no right or wrong, it comes down to personal taste. If you like it…go with it.


102 Ginger & Lime 
Sparkling and complex composition the citrusy top is coupled with spicy undertones.
301 Jasmine & Sandalwood 
Floral fragrance for women and men. Top note is Jasmine.
707 Oud & Patchouly - EDP 
Oriental tones on deep notes of patchouli, oud woods and musky amber.
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